Jeddah Gate


Modern contemporary lobby infused with Arabic culture yet preserving traditional essence. Amenities were carefully designed with quality design execution giving a mesmerized feel when stepping into the arena. The multifunctional rooms and common spaces provide a modern and relaxed ethos.


Jeddah Mock Up


In the heart of Jeddah the apartment stands out revealing the expert layout with
non-compromising design quality with splash of exciting colours. The space is
flooded with elegant lightings and pleasing wall coverings that gives enchanting
beauty to the apartment.


Private Villa- Wentworth Villa

London, UK

A private residential estate bordering London’s unique Wentworth area a true getaway from the hectic city into a world of tranquility provided the perfect scenery to convert this exquisite villa into a surreal country home.

Combing the traditional British designs with flourishing French and unmistakable Italian accents undermounted with fresh modern pastel colors alongside with contrasting decorative moldings.